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American Educational Full Term Fetus Model Activity Set

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  • The Full-Term Fetus Model is one in a series of human anatomy models that make up a coordinated program in Sex Education/Family Living. The model is derived from anatomical sources. Dimensions and spatial relationships are anatomically accurate. The model shows a full-term fetus positioned within the maternal body. A removable transparent plastic shell illustrates the amnion ("bag of water") in which the fetus rests. The model also contains a detailed enlargement of the placenta in semi-diagrammatic form. The enclosed key provides proper nomenclature to each of the parts of the model. In addition to the model, which provides both visual and tactile experience to the learner, black line drawings are provided for visual reinforcement to each learner for study purposes. For improved reinforcement, the model may be used together with transparencies from other models. Each model in the series contains the important supplemental materials listed in the description of the Human Reproductive System Model Activity Sets at the top of the page. For grades 6 to 12 and ages 11 to 18 years.
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