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Donegan Achromatic Magnifier with Lens (V394-15)

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  • Fold-out magnifying lens in a chrome-plated brass frame, 15mm diameter
  • Lens provides 15X magnification
  • Includes protective vinyl storage case
  • Achromatic lens with coating to improve color accuracy
  • Made in USA
The Donegan achromatic magnifier with 15mm lens has a monocular, optical-grade lens that has been ground and polished into a prismatic lens, and is available in multiple magnification powers. This magnifier enhances the size and resolution of an object or image, and is commonly used for a variety of applications, such as jewelry-making, watch-making, needlework, artwork, electronic inspection, fly-tying, book-reading, print inspection, and stamp-collecting. This magnifier features a 15mm, round-shaped, coated achromatic lens that corrects for color aberrations. The magnifier is mounted in a chrome-plated, brass case that allows the lens with a protective perimeter to glide into an open position. It fits in a trouser pocket, or a purse. It weighs 0.257 oz., is mounted in a chrome-plated, brass body casing, and comes with a protective vinyl carrying pouch. Magnifiers are devices used to enlarge the visual appearance of an object or image. Magnifiers come in a variety of styles such as ha
Magnifier with Lens

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