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Edvotek 192 EDVA7 Forensics Antigen Detection Kit for 10 groups

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  • For 10 groups
  • Module I: Complete in 35 min, Module II: Incubation overnight
  • Kit includes: instructions,Simulated control and crime scene blood samples, antigen/antibody detection reagents,microtiter plates,UltraSpec-Agarose, practice loading solution,petri plates,well cutters
  • All you need: Distilled or deionized water, beakers, 37 degree C Incubation oven, disposable lab gloves, safety goggles, automatic micropipets (100
  • All you need: Plastic wrap, Pipets - 5 or 10 ml, marking pen, measuring spatula or toothpicks, hot plate, Bunsen burner or microwave, paper towels, waterbath
A young woman who lives alone with her cat was last seen on her daily run. After two days she was reported missing to the police by her friends. Upon entering her penthouse her cat was found dead in a pool of blood. Tiny drops of bloodstains were found trailing from her bed sheets to the blood by the cat. The detective in charge concluded that the woman and the cat were brutally murdered, her body was removed form site of the crime, and the tiny stains of blood were overlooked when the area was cleaned. Samples were obtained from the blood around the dead cat and from the blood stains on the bed sheets to determine if it was human or cat blood.

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