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GC America 003580 KALORE A3.5 Syringe Refill

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  • Lowest shrinkage stress thanks to DuPont's new monomer technology, licensed exclusively to GC
  • GC's patented HDR (high-density radiopaque) prepolymerized fillers provides a high wear resistance
  • Proprietary interface between the filler and the matrix ensure the longevity of your restorations
  • Excellent handling and hassle-free polishing
  • Superior aesthetics in one shade or multi-shade restorations
Incorporating the best of industrial monomer innovation from DuPont, KALORE features an exclusive low shrinkage stress technology. On a microscopic level, this means that during and after polymerization, adhesion between the fillers and the resin matrix is maintained. With minimized shrinkage stress, the integrity of the restoration especially at the margins is ensured. Combined with outstanding aesthetics, KALORE offers a revolutionary total package in restorative dentistry.
GC America
Syringe Refill

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