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GC America 421001 UniFil Bond Starter Kit

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  • Light-cured Unifil Bonding Agent
  • Monomer component of bonding agent blends with the monomer component of the self-etching primer
  • When polymerized by light-curing, resin tags are formed in the enamel; a hybrid layer is formed in the dentin
  • High adhesion strength to enamel and dentin
  • Minimizes variability in the bonding technique
  • Less sensitive to dentin wetness compared to traditional, acid etch-rinse bonding systems
UniFil Bond is an advanced, easy-to-use, light-cured resin bonding system which utilizes both chemical and micro-mechanical adhesion principles. It also has stress absorbing characteristics. Fluoride ions from a fluoride releasing composite (like UniFil Flow) can be diffused into the tooth structure through UniFil Bond, due to the hydrophilic monomer in the UniFil Bonding Agent
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