Kontes Duall 50ml Capacity All Glass Tissue Grinder with Pestle - Sz: 25

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  • Combines both conical and cylindrical surfaces to effectively reduce tissue and produce a uniform homogenate.
  • Grinding efficiency is greatly improved when this tube is used.
  • This ground glass model is ideal for connective tissue such as muscle, heart and lung.
  • Construction is strong enough to allow the pestle to be motor driven.
  • Pestles are designed to be used with 788000 Stirrer Adapters.
Ideal for grinding connective tissue such as muscle, heart, and lungs. These ground glass tissue grinders combine conical and cylindrical surfaces to reduce tissue and produce uniform homogenate. In the bottom, tapered section of the tube tissue is ground to a smaller particle size. The final homogenate is produced as tissue is forced through the cylindrical portion of the tube. Construction is strong enough for the assembly to be motor driven. Tubes and pestles are interchangeable, with a uniform 0.10?0.15mm (0.004?0.006") clearance.
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  • Capacity: 50 milliliters
Kimble Chase
Tissue Grinder

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