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LC HPS0038 Transparent Safety Shield for T-14 and TM-14 Hotplate Stirrers

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  • Accessory safety shield for Lab Companion hotplate stirrer models T-14S, T-14R, TM-14S, TM-14R, TM-14SB, and TM-14RB
  • Constructed of polycarbonate (PC) for transparency and durability
A lab stirrer mixes substances for a variety of academic, research, or industrial applications such as solutions in chemistry and biology and food and beverage production. There are two basic types of stirrers - magnetic or overhead. Magnetic stirrers are ideal for smaller volumes and low-viscosity solutions, have no moving external parts, are considered easier to clean than overhead models, and do not need lubricants which can contaminate the solution being mixed. Magnetic stirrers have a rotating magnetic field that causes a separate magnetic stir bar, when immersed in a solution, to spin and stir the solution. They usually have a plate on a base and either an internal or external controller. Some models have multiple stirring positions to stir more than one vessel at once, and in some the plate is also a hot plate for heating the solution while stirring. They can be submerged in water and used inside closed vessels or systems, such as incubators. Overhead stirrers are ideal for larg
Lab Companion
Transparent Safety Shield

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