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National Optical Basic Dual View Monocular Compound Microscope WF10x Pcs

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  • Compound microscope provides high magnification for biological use and educational applications
  • Dual-view monocular viewing head with two 10x widefield eyepieces with pointer for simultaneous independent viewing, fixed 30-degree inclined eyepiece to reduce eye and neck strain, and 360-degree rotation capability to provide a more comprehensive view and enable sharing
  • Forward-facing nosepiece with 4x, 10x, and 40xR DIN achromatic, parfocal, parcentered objectives that provide color correction of magnified images and keep the image centered and focused when magnification is changed
  • Brightfield, LED illumination and built-in 0.65 NA condenser with disc diaphragm for clear examination and light control
  • Plain stage with clips secures slide in place, and separate coarse and fine focus knobs speed focusing
The National Optical 132-CLED Basic Dual-View Monocular Compound Microscope has a two 10x widefield eyepieces with pointer, a forward-facing nosepiece with three DIN achromatic objectives that are parcentered and parfocal, LED illumination, separate coarse and fine focus, a disc diaphragm, and a plain stage with stage clips. The dual-view monocular viewing head has two eyepieces for simultaneous independent viewing_one vertical and one with a fixed inclination to reduce eye and neck strain_and 360-degree rotation capability to provide a more comprehensive view. The vertical eyepiece can be used by a second viewer, can accept a camera mount (C-mount accessory sold separately), and has diopter adjustment to accommodate individual eye-strength. An eyepiece pointer is used to identify features for students. A forward-facing nosepiece eases changing objectives. Rotation positions with secure, positive stops ensure accurate positioning and support a range of magnification options. Achromatic
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