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Nonin Medical GO2 Achieve Personal Fingertip Pulse Oximeter - Blue

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  • Choice of Respiratory Therapists: More RT's choose Nonin pulse oximeters than any other brand
  • The Nonin GO2 Achieve fingertip oximeter is designed and made in Minnesota
  • Proven Accuracy: Nonin oximeters have high accuracy in challenging patients and settings
  • Easy to Use: GO2 Achieve gives a quick, accurate blood oxygen level (SpO2) and pulse rate reading
  • Superior Durability & Tested to withstand drops where many other oximeters break
Nonin Medical, inventor of the fingertip pulse oximeter most-trusted by respiratory therapists, is making our clinically proven PureSATpulse oximetry technology available for home use. The small, portable, noninvasive GO2 Achieve personal pulse oximeter is easy to use and provides just the right amount of pressure to display fast, accurate readings of your blood oxygen saturation level and pulse rate. The automatic on/off power of the LCD screen makes operating the device easy and convenient. The accurate and reliable readings that the Go2 Achieve provides can be trusted by runners, bikers, climbers, pilots and other sports enthusiasts. The product is accurate in cases of low perfusion and dark skin tones with scientifically proven accuracy. The information provided by our highly accurate Nonin GO2 Achieve personal oximeter will help you meet your personal health and wellness goals and give you peace of mind. The GO2 Achieve fits a wide range of finger sizes from pediatric to adult. It
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