Project Mini Foldable PDT LED 7 Color Photon Therapy Kit

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  • Included Duplex E Collagen Protein Firm Facial Body Skin Care Essence Ion Gel 30ml X 1
  • Increase skin elasticity and improve circulation.Stimulates collagen production which smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation, age spot, pore size and acne scars
  • Output Power: 25W - 420 LEDs total - Approximately 140 LEDs of each color.
Photon LED Tender-skin IPL comprises red light and blue. Through red light irradiation, it can activate lots of enzymes, such as catalase, etc. and diminish the chroma of some unnecessary color amine in some tissues, speed up compounding hepatin, protein, and fibrin and increase tissue's metabolism. The blue light plays a role of relax skin and ligamenta. The apparatus can soften thrombus, get rid of blowzy face, erythema, abnormal splash, remove fattiness, be against or get rid of wrinkles, eliminate pouch and black orbit, whiten, brighten and protect skin.
Project E Beauty
Photon Therapy Kit
Photon Therapy Kit

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