• Adaptive Aid to help fuller and deeper puff medicament delivery, coordinating with natural breath
  • 8.5" long spacer with soft silicone nose and mouth mask cover ensures a wastage-free snug fit
  • Polyamide walls ensures a non-sticky surface, to minimize medication wastage on the spacer surface
  • Helps balance out the instant puff flow over natural breathing pattern for deeper penetration
A spacer is always recommended while using puffer for people having difficulty in breath coordination, regardless whether using puffer daily or during an emergency. A spacer is a clear plastic container shaped like a tube with a mouthpiece or mask at one end and an insert cavity for an inhaler / puff at the other. Spacers help to get medication such as in respiratory ailments into your lungs. The medication is _fired_ from the puffer into the spacer device and is then inhaled gradually through the mouthpiece or a face mask. Helps deeper reach, avoids wastage in throat and mouth area
Soul Genie
Inhaler Spacer
Inhaler Spacer

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