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Sealmaster Tapped Base Pillow Block Ball Bearing (TB-208)

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Ball Bearing
  • W/ enclosure
  • Regulated and filtered
  • LEDs monitor zone status (voltage, no voltage)
  • Slide switches connect or disconnect load from power
  • Rugged steel enclosure
  • Provided with terminals for fire alarm relay connection, allowing release of all devices upon fire alarm activation
This Sealmaster TB series non-expansion-type ball bearing pillow block with tapped base housing, set screw locking collar, felt seals, and lubrication fitting is suitable for supporting shafts that carry radial and axial loads, such as in material handling. The tapped base housing with ball bearing insert allows installation where guided shafts are close together. The cast iron bearing housing has a flat square foot with two bolt holes to help accurately align the housing and the insert is rated "standard duty" for applications with light to moderate combined radial and thrust loads. A lock pin and dimple system provides a direct path for lubrication into the bearing, and prevents outer ring rotation within the housing. The bearing insert is black oxide coated for corrosion resistance and has a wide outer race with a land riding retainer that spaces the ball bearings for even load distribution and prevents contact to reduce friction, vibration, and noise. A collar extends from the bearing inner ring and two set screws spaced 120 degrees apart lock the collar and bearing onto the shaft for a three-point contact hold. This single-row bearing allows self-realignment and compensates for static and dynamic alignment errors up to two degrees. Low friction felt seals retain lubricant and protect against contamination that would shorten the bearing life. This tapped base pillow block is suitable for use in material handling applications, such as in conveyors. Mounted bearings combine a bearing mounted inside a housing unit. The bearing housing replaces the need for a casting or weldment to position the bearing securely for reliable operation, and its design determines the type of insert bearing. Insert bearings use rolling elements (ball, cylindrical, spherical, barrel, needle, spindled, or tapered) to maintain the separation between moving parts to reduce rotational friction, and to support radial and axial loads. Available in a variety of materials and mounting configurations, mounted bearings can be one- or two-piece, they can have an extended inner ring and locking device, and they can have seals and end caps that retain lubrication and protect the working parts of the bearing from environmental debris. Mounted bearings support shafts in a variety of mounting configurations (flange block, hanger, pillow block, and take-up block), and are used in a range of applications from light duty shaft guidance on conveyors to road building equipment and crushers.

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