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Continental D180 1.25" W 0.75" Height HY-T Plus V-Belt - Black

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  • Universal classical profile
  • High-strength Vytacord tensile members
  • Engineered rubber-impregnated envelope; engineered rubber compound cushion and insulation
  • Oil, heat, ozone, and abrasion resistant
  • Static conductive
The D profile HY-T Plus Classical V-belt is 0.75" high, 1.25" wide, is built by Continental ContiTech with Vytacord tension members, and is suitable in industrial applications where mechanical or environmental abuse is a factor. The belt is commonly used for drives with small diameter pulleys and short-center distances. It is static conductive, making it appropriate in the presence of explosive gases, liquids, powders, and other substances where the possibility of static sparks must be kept to a minimum. The HY-T Plus Classical V-belt is built with Vytacord tension members, a synthetic reinforcement that increases overall tensile strength and lends dimensional stability so that drive performance is more consistent and predictable over the life of the belt. The belt is backed in oil-and abrasion-resistant fabric, providing longitudinal flexibility and lateral strength to the belt. The cushion of the HY-T Plus Classical V-belt is crush-resistant, reducing downtime and belt replacement co
  • Material Type: Rubber
  • System of Measurement: Inch
  • Cross Section: D
  • Color: Black
Continental ContiTech

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