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CR Magnetics Ground Fault Sensor Relay with Internal Transformer - 24 VDC

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  • Electric relay for sensing ground faults
  • Current carrying wire is routed through an aperture
  • Electrical isolation between circuits (SPDT)
  • Variable trip point range with adjustable timer for stability
  • UL recognized for safety, CSA certified for quality assurance, and RoHS compliant for hazardous substances
This CR Magnetics ground fault sensing relay has an internal transformer, requires a supply voltage of 24VDC, and is used for monitoring ground faults in power supply applications. This current sensing relay has a window for routing the current-carrying wire and a calibrated dial for setting the trip point. An adjustable delay-on timer provides stability. When current levels rise above the adjusted set point, the relay is tripped and starts the timer. Once the timer cycles, the relay is energized and turns the output to full on. It has an internal transformer for scaling the current up or down and a voltage reference circuit that provides a repeatable trip point. This ground fault sensing relay has an LED indicator that alerts the user when the relay is tripped and is suitable for monitoring motor ground faults, sensing early failure of heater elements, and protecting equipment.
CR Magnetics

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