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HP Smartfriend Complete Plan for 30 Days

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  • 24/7 expert assistance for any brand of PC or tablet.[1]
  • Support at your convenience - anytime and anywhere you have a phone and internet connection.
  • Upgrade assistance from Windows 8 to Windows 10
  • Virus, spyware, and malware removal assistance.
  • Learn how to protect yourself from online threats and social media privacy exposure.
  • Troubleshoot performance issues, error messages, and software problems.
  • Connect and set up your wireless network, printer and other peripherals.
  • Sync other devices to your PC, including smartphones and tablets
  • Get 1 month of personalized support at any time for any brand of PC or tablet with HP SmartFriend. Receive friendly one-on-one expert assistance by qualified technicians over the phone or by protected remote computer access. 1 Enjoy worry-free and accessible technology expertise to resolve problems, teach you about your technology, and help you stay protected from online threats.
  • With a 1 Month HP SmartFriend Complete Plan, coverage begins the day you activate your plan and continues for a period of 30 days.

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