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Leviton SBCS0-L00 120-347V Relay Controller 3 Pack

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  • Used for both switching only loads and dimming loads controllable with a 0-10V control signal
  • Protected against high voltage transients, per IEE/ANSI/C62.41, Category B environment
  • Supports SectorNet location functionality with zone ramp up/down and LED notification
  • Connection to the network bus can be Class 1 or Class 2 wiring
  • Test button to ensure correct setup and allows field activation of lighting loads toggling between three levels: 100%, 10%, or 0% (OFF)
  • 0-10V Control Signal
  • Not required for switching only loads
  • 0-10V sinking control, 50mA, commonly used with ballasts, approximately 70 ballasts
  • 0-10V sourcing control, 10mA, commonly used with analog control dimmers or LED fixtures
The Sector Relay enables switching control of any device or dimming control of any 0-10VDC controllable device as part of the SectorNet system. Used for individual fixture or entire zone control, the SECTOR Relay provides additional system design options, allowing control of Ballast, Incandescent, LED, cold cathode, or other sources that may accept a 0-10VDC control input. The SECTOR Relay also provides switching control of lighting and motor loads.

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