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Lovejoy U-62R Shaft-to-Shaft Uniflex Coupling 5/8" Bore A, 5/8" Bore B

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  • Flexible triple-wound spring design compensates for high degrees of misalignment
  • Compact, single-piece design allows for placement in tight places
  • Steel for strength and durability
  • All-metal design requires no lubrication
  • Resistant to oil, grease, dirt and most industrial chemicals
This Lovejoy U Type Uniflex coupling is an all-steel, single-piece coupling that connects two rotating shafts, providing low backlash/windup. The flexing center of the coupling consists of three opposingly wound square wire springs for forward or reverse operation, providing low backlash/windup. Two steel hubs are then brazed to the steel spring pack to create a durable one-piece flexible coupling that compensates for high degrees of misalignment (up to 4.5 angular, up to .045 inches parallel). Its compact, single-piece design allows for placement in tight places, and its all-metal design is durable and requires no lubrication. This coupling is resistant to oil, grease, dirt, and most industrial chemicals and can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to 450 degrees F. A keyway in each hub prevents the shaft from rotating in the coupling hub. This coupling is suitable for applications such as printing and binding registration, robotics/positioning, conveyors, machine tools, centrifugal pumps, agricultural machinery, blowers, winding machines, and steering mechanisms.

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