• Includes infrared light emitting and receiving units, brackets and mounting hardware
  • Used with monitored installations, post August 2010 UL325 commercial door and gate operators
  • Thru beam technology minimizes false reflective signals
  • Time saving installation, vertical and horizontal mounting and easy alignment with positioning indicators
  • Photo eyes sealed with water resistant epoxy. Impact resistant for rugged environments, built in strain relief protects cable
The MIRM-S2 Rebel infrared thru beam photo optic system is intended to be positioned to create an invisible beam to protect a door or gate opening from obstructions in its path of motion. When the infrared beam becomes blocked by an obstruction, the operator is sent a signal to stop and reverse the motion of the door. The MIRM-S2 Rebel system incorporates monitored circuitry so that a loss of power, short, or blocked IR signal will signal the motor to stop and/or reverse to an open position.
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