• Universal input, process, mA DC, VDC, TC, 100 RTD, potentiometer, and linear resistance
  • Universal power supply, 21.6 to 253 VAC/ 19.2 to 300 VDC
  • 3-Way isolation (power/signal/output)
  • Choose setpoints and/or analog output models
  • Programming/display module (not included)
The IAMS - Universal Signal Conditioners unmatched capability provides users the ultimate in flexibility As a signal conditioner, the unit provides complete isolation and conversion capability to satisfy almost any application The Universal Input accepts Process, DC Current, DC Voltage, Thermocouples, RTDs, Potentiometers, and Linear Resistance signals allowing the module to be connected to most common sensors The setpoint model allows dual setpoint control capability through dual Form A relays The analog model provides a retransmitted analog signal A third model provides both analog and control capability The power supply is also universal, accepting 216 to 253 VAC/ 192 to 300 VDC as its power source Add the optional programming module and the unit is easily programmed through menu style programming The module can also be used to provide a display of the process variable when it is not being used for programming The IAMS features well over 100 combinations of inputs to outputs configu
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