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SHAVIV 29093 Strong & lightweight Stainless Steel Handguard

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  • Stainless Steel Handguard which goes over blade holders to protect your hand.
  • Can be affixed to several standard SHAVIV blade holders.
  • Best for uses in deburring applications involving dragging the tool over sharp sheet metal
  • Strong & lightweight
  • 3PG-I
SHAVIV by Vargus is the original hand deburring tool in the market since the 1960's and is today distributed all over the world. SHAVIV is the answer to unwanted burrs on a wide variety of materials such as metal, plastics, wood and more. Wherever the burr, SHAVIV has the tool in its extensive range to solve your problem. Look to SHAVIV for the tools to do the finishing problems that a machine just can't handle. With SHAVIV there is no downtime, so you increase your productivity. Shaviv Part 29093 is the Stainless Steel handguard that can be affixed to several SHAVIV blade holders to protect the users hand
Stainless Steel Handguard

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