• ON/OFF rotary handle with lockout and visible trip indication.
  • Adjustment dial for setting to motor FLA.
  • Class 10 overload trip characteristics.
  • Short circuit trip at 12 times the maximum setting of the FLA adjustment dial.
  • Short circuit current rating
  • 3RV104 Frame Size, 28-40 FLA Adjustment Range, 520A Instantaneous Short Circuit Release, 65kA UL Short Circuit Breaking Capacity at 480VAC
The 3RV102, 3RV103, and 3RV104 MSP?s can be used as Type E self-protected manual combination starters per UL508 (3RV102 and 3RV104 require additional terminal adapers) or as components in Group Installation per NEC 430-53(C) to turn motors on and off. Each device has built-in heater elements that provide overload protection and magnetic trip elements to protect the motor. When the 3RV is used as a component in Group Installation, multiple MSP?s can be installed below one circuit breaker to protect its own motor. A contactor can be mounted to the MSP to provide a remotely operated starter

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