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Siemens Manual Starter and Enclosure (3RV1021-1AA10)

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  • ON/OFF rotary handle with lockout and visible trip indication.
  • Adjustment dial for setting to motor FLA.
  • Class 10 overload trip characteristics.
  • Short circuit trip at 12 times the maximum setting of the FLA adjustment dial.
Class 11 across the line manual starters and switches provide control for machinery where remote start stop control is not required.. Class 11 - 3RV manual starters are used for single and poly-phase motors up to 20HP @ 575V. Starters have bimetallic heater elements to provide class 10 overcurrent protection. Each starter has a fourth bimetallic strip that reacts only to the ambient temperature inside the control panel. This ambient compensation helps prevent the starter from nuisance tripping when the panel temperature is higher than the ambient temperature of the motor.. A built-in differential trip bar causes the starter to trip faster on a phase loss condition to help reduce motor damage.. Magnetic trip elements in each starter take the device off line when it senses current of 13 times the maximum FLA dial setting.. Class 11 - 3RV switches provide control for inherently protected motors. Typical applications include metal and woodworking machinery, grinders, power saws, conveyors, fans, pumps, blowers, textile and packaging machinery, and paper cutters.. Class 11 - 3RV manual starters can be used as Type E self-protected manual combination starters (up to 22 amps) per UL508 or as components in Group Installation per NEC 430.53. When using the Class 11 - 3RV as a manual combination starter upstream protection is not required.. Class 11 - 3RV controllers are available with low voltage protection which will automatically open the power poles when the voltage drops or the power is interrupted.. Controllers with the LVP option provide the OSHA requirements for protecting personnel from potential injury caused by the automatic start-up of machinery following a voltage drop or power interruption when low voltage protection is specified.. Class 11 - 3RV is available as Open style, or in NEMA 1, NEMA 7 & 9 or NEMA 7 & 9 / 3 & 4 enclosures.

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