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Siemens MRSKG11A Fractional HP Reversing Switch

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Class MMS and MRS motor starting switches provide manual ON-OFF control of single or three phase AC motors where overload protection is not required or is provided separately. Compact construction and a 600 volt rating make these switches suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial uses. Typical applications include small machine tools, pumps, fans, conveyors and many other types of electrical machinery. They can also be used on non-motor loads such as resistance heating applications.. 30 amperes at 250 volts max, 26.4 amperes at 277 volts, 20 amperes at 600 volts max, 30 amperes resistive at 600 volts max.. Two speed manual switches may be used with separate winding three phase or single phase AC motors where overload protection is not required or is provided separately. Two switches are employed to give ON-OFF control in each speed.. Reversing manual switches provide a compact means of starting, stopping and reversing AC motors where overload protection is not required or is provided separately. They are suitable for use with three phase squirrel cage motors and for single phase motors which can be reversed by reconnecting motor leads. Two switches are used, one to connect the motor forward rotation and one for reverse.. Class MMS, MRS, NEMA Type 1 surface mounting enclosures are sheet steel with a thermo-plastic wrap-around cover for convenience in wiring. The NEMA Type 1 enclosure is also available in an oversized version which allows more wiring space. A zinc alloy die casting is used for NEMA Type 4 enclosures.. Red or green neon pilot light units are available for flush mounting plates, NEMA Type 1 enclosures, and NEMA Type 4 enclosures. Pilot lights may be either factory or field installed. (For switches that contain a pilot light, a Red light is standard. For a Green pilot light add G to the end of the catalog number.). Binding head screw type terminals are suitable for #10 or smaller copper wire, and are accessible from the front. All terminals are clearly marked.. Open types without a pilot light fit standard single gang switch boxes, and can be used with any cover plate having a standard toggle cutout. Single-unit flush mounting types, including those with pilot lights, are suitable for wall mounting in a standard switch box or for machine cavity mounting without a box.. Available with toggle handle or with removable key type operator to discourage unauthorized operation.. A toggle operator extender is available for Class MMS, MRS, NEMA Type 1 surface mounted units. The extender has a red vinyl button that provides a fast and easy method for locating and switching the device s toggle operator into the OFF position. The Emergency Off Actuator is available in kit form only for field installation.. An optional handle guard on Class MMS, MRS, NEMA Type 1 enclosed switches prevents accidental operation of the toggle operator and also allows the toggle operator to be padlocked in either the ON or OFF position. This handle guard is available in kit form for field installation on NEMA Type 1 surface and flush mounting enclosures. Standard NEMA Type 4 metallic enclosures include provisions for padlocking the device in the OFF position.

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