SMC CRB1 Series Aluminum Vane Style Rotary Actuator

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  • Vane-style rotary actuator with side air ports for pushing the vane to rotate the shaft
  • Compact body with single vane design for almost double the rotational angle of double vane-type actuators
  • Anodized aluminum body for corrosion resistance with a carbon-steel vane and shaft for strength and durability
  • Rubber bumpers on vane to cushion impact and absorb kinetic energy
  • Through holes for mounting the actuator body to flat surfaces
This SMC single-vane CRB1 pneumatic rotary actuator has a compact anodized aluminum body, basic-style through-hole mounting, and molded rubber bumpers on the vane to cushion impact and absorb kinetic energy. Air enters the rotary actuator?s cylindrical chamber through side air ports to push the vane in arcs to rotate the vane shaft and connected components until the vane contacts a stopper to reverse rotation. The single-vane design eliminates backlash (the momentary pause in motion before reversing direction) found with other styles of actuators. The rotary actuator?s anodized aluminum body resists corrosion and tarnishing, and its single vane and attached vane shaft are made of carbon steel for strength and durability. Roller bearings on the actuator help carry thrust and radial loads.

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