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IPG Pre Stretch Hand Film 2000' Length Clear 4 Packs

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  • IPG Pre Stretch Hand Film, 2000' Length x 14.5" Width x 30 Gauge Clear (Pack of 4)
The 45 PRE301520ipg IPG pre stretched hand film, 2000' x 15" x 15", is a clear, 30 gauge, cast LLDPE film stretch wrap for manually securing loads for shipping. This lightweight film (3.5 lb. per roll) comes on a 3" inner diameter roll core to facilitate manual application. This film is made of clear LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) to allow a view of the contents of the secured load. When applied with force, stretch film clings to itself and slowly contracts to its non-stretched size to tightly secure a load to keep items together, or to keep them on a pallet, during shipment. Pre-stretched film can be applied with no force, and will still contract to secure a load better than non-stretched film. Stretch film can also help protect secured items from dust, dirt, and moisture. Each of these four rolls provides 2000' of 15" wide hand stretch film for commercial applications.
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45 PRE301520ipg
45 PRE301520ipg

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