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600 Pack SOLO Single-Sided Poly Paper French Fry Scoop Cup - 9 oz.

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  • Disposable 9 oz. paper cup with Scoop Snacks print
  • For serving French fries, snacks, and other hot and cold food items
  • Scoop-shaped rim to facilitate filling cup with food items without kitchen utensil
  • Polyethylene lining for resistance to grease, and moisture penetration
  • Measures 6" x 2.8"

This SOLO GSP80-83014 disposable 9 oz. single-sided poly paper cup with Scoop Fries print is suitable for serving French fries, snacks, and other hot and cold food items. It has a polyethylene lining for resistance to butter, grease, and moisture penetration. This paper cup has a scoop-shaped rim to facilitate filling the cup with food items without using a kitchen utensil. It is 6" high and has a 2.8" base diameter.

Disposable food service products are used to store, insulate, transport, prepare, and serve food and drink. They may be made of paper, plastics, or metal foil. Food service products for freezing items protect their contents from freezer burn, contamination, and drying.

SOLO manufactures disposable plastic, paper, foam, and post-consumer recycled content cups, plates, and other products for food and beverage service. The company, founded in 1936, is headquartered in Lake Forest, IL.

Solo Foodservice

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