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Creatov Chinese Flying Sky Lanterns - Paper Wish Lanterns - 20 Pack

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  • GREAT FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS: Make any outdoor party, event, or celebration more memorable with the addition of these beautiful and ornate floating wish lanterns! Have guests activate the sky lanterns and release them into the air as they make their dreams come true!
  • INDIVIDUALLY PACKED TO ENSURE HIGHEST QUALITY: Each beautifully crafted wish lantern comes sealed in its own individual packaging, ing that every delicate little hot air balloon is in peak condition upon arrival, and ready for take-off.
  • INCLUDES FUEL CELLS: Each sky lantern comes equipped with its own fuel cell, which heats up the air inside of the lantern, thus lowering the density of the air within it and allowing it to float away into the horizon! Each fuel cell is d to work and will ensure that every wish experience is grand and impressive!
  • SAFE, EASY, AND FUN: Our wish lanterns come with instructions for use and care, and are made of flame resistant paper, so that you will have everything necessary to have a simple, enjoyable, and above all SAFE experience.
  • 100% SATISFACTION D: We at Creatovaim to please with each of our items, and are so sure that you will have a great time using our Chinese sky lanterns that we ask that you let us know of any questions, comments, or concerns.
  • "Imagine all of your favorite people, filling beautiful little paper lanterns with good intentions and hopeful tomorrows, lighting them, and sending them out onto the wind to be carried high into the atmosphere. With CreatovChinese sky lanterns, you can make this lovely scene a reality!
  • For centuries, the Chinese have made precious little hot air balloons out of delicate rice paper, bamboo frames, and small wax tea candles. They used them during traditional ceremonies and filled the sky with the marvelous sight of floating lanterns. Creatov now brings you an improved version of this delightful experience with our translucent floating sky lanterns, which in their modern incarnation come with fuel cells, are made of flame resistant paper, and feature a sturdy metal wire to keep them from collapsing in on themselves! After turning on the fuel cell, a light emerges which will heat the air inside the sky lantern and cause its air density to be less than that of the surrounding atmosphere.
Flying Sky Lanterns
Flying Sky Lanterns

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