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M & Ms MMS 50 Pence Silver Shifter Magic Trick

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  • Perform incredible magic with skillful deception that will Amaze your friends and family
  • Easy-to-learn & Fun to perform
  • Great Gift for the magic hobbyist or professional
  • Learn the Secret! Customize and create Your own magic
  • Created by Keith Arlen Lack and Steve Brooks
Silver Shifter is like no other coin device you have ever seen. With it, you can actually bend a coin right in front of your audiences eyes! The coin visibly bends, and never leaves their sight during the bend! Once bent, you immediately drop the coin into their hands for thorough inspection-its a real half dollar, and your hands are shown empty front and back! The effect this has on both laymen and magicians alike is truly astonishing! No funnyswitches No weird palm offs No pressure No heat No kidding! And, Silver Shifter can be used for much more than just the bending coin routine. This incredible gimmick makes possible whole new variations on productions, vanishes and classic coin routines like Scotch and Soda-the possibilities are truly only limited by your imagination. Silver Shifter is a must-have coin device to add to your arsenal.
M & Ms
Magic Trick
Magic Trick

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