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Spin & Shoot Shot Glass Roulette - Casino Style Drinking Game

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  • Shot Glass Roulette is the Drinking Man's Game Of Chance
  • Spin the Wheel and Let Chance Determine Your Fate
  • Be the Croupier at Your Next Party
  • The Ultimate Ice Breaker at Any Social Event
  • Includes Sixteen Shot Glasses and Two Roulette Balls
Spin & Shoot's shot glass roulette is the ultimate game of chance. Next time you have a party, bring this game out and let fate decide who drinks what! Spin the wheel, drop the ball and hope for the best. All the excitement of watching the ball circle the numbers culminates in the grand reveal of the winning number. The Spin & Shoot combines all the fun of roulette with drinking! Bring the party to your table with the Spin & Shoot! Be the croupier and have your friends spin the wheel to see which shot glass they will be drinking from! Mix up the ingredients in the shot glasses for some variety or keep all the drinks the same for an equal payout. When the ball finally lands on a number, it is time to drink for that number. With the Spin & Shoot, you can place bets on all the action or just drink for the fun of it. Bring all the fun of a casino to your next party. Break the ice quickly with the Spin & Shoot and invite everybody to enjoy the fun. Obviously, use your head when drinking and
Spin & Shoot
Casino Game
Casino Game

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