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inGarden KneeGuardKids Car Seat Booster Footrest - Grey

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  • Mom~ my legs hurt so bad! Protect your child_s knees from the force of gravity pulling their dangling legs
  • KneeguardKids provides comfort and stability and removes pain, discomfort, and numbness, as it keeps the blood circulation flowing freely within your child_s legs by relieving unnecessary pressure from the seat belt.
  • Compatible with all car seats and any kids age of 6 and under can use it
  • Easy to install and adjust the height and angle that best fit for your kids
  • Since, we only sell the car seat footrest, it is not including the car seat.
  • While kids are sitting on the car seat, their dangling legs are being pulled by gravity. If left alone, with no intervention, the ligaments in child's knee will have continuous stress, and eventually it could lead to growth problems. That is why many children instinctly sit crossed-legged on the car seat or put their legs on the car seat armrest.
  • Due to the no movement on legs, kid_s legs get pins and needles from lack of blood circulation, and also, kid may get any symptoms such as numbness because the crucial blood vessels flowing through thigh are stimulated. That is why it is usual that many children instinctly kick the front seat.
  • It could be very painful to the child when their body gets lean towards the front, and the pressure from the seat belt gets intensified in case of sudden stops. That is why many children throw a tantrum with their body instead.
  • KneeGuardKids protects child's knees from the gravity, and help them to sit on the car seat calmly and comfortably. The lo
Booster Seat Footrest
Booster Seat Footrest

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