Spinnyos Giant Yo-ller Coaster by Fisher-Price Multi/None

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  • The fun starts with Spinnyos YOs, a whole new spin on defying gravity, where kids decide how they will ride! What are YOs and what makes them go? They're cool, round things that love to spin fast, and love to spin slow. "How do they stay on track?" kids ask as they play. It's 'magic' of course! (That's what you should say.) And when preschoolers take their YOs for a ride on the Giant YO-ller Coaster set, they spin, they slide, they go upside down and 'round & 'round & 'round & 'round. The action changes constantly with 4 different tracks, adjustable ramps, tunnels, dips and loops that stand over 2 feet high! Kids just load up their YOs (2 are included) on the Launcher and flip the Switcher to choose which track the YOs take, how fast or slow they go, how high they jump, and where they exit down below! Will they send their YOs flying out of the Tipsy Tunnel's trap doors and onto the Wire Walk? Or send them spinning down Spiral Street and through the gravity-defying Loopy Loop at the bottom? Or will they choose the Magic Dipper with its exciting, in-and-out bucket drop? Or maybe kids will send them spinning down the Super Slide and off the ramp, CRASHING through the barrels! That's up to kids to decide-and spin it a whole new way every time they play! Be sure to listen for wacky sounds and music all along the way! How do YOs stay on the track? Well, it seems like magic, but actually, there's a kid-safe magnetic axle inside each YO that attaches to the metallic edge on the track. Two YOs are included, but kids can add more if they like. They're so much fun that once kids start spinning 'em, they won't want to stop! (You won't either-try 'em and see for yourself!) They're YO-tally awesome!.

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