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Pro Jk Mic-j 004 Lavalier Lapel Recording Microphone Only For Apple Iphone Ipad Ipod Touch - Omnidirectional Condenser Mic

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  • Pro JK MIC-J 004 Lavalier Lapel Microphone For Apple iPhone iPad Mac iPod Touch Only - Omnidirectional Reocrding Microphone

    JK MIC-J 004 Microphone is a small, lightweight tie-clip condenser microphone that can be conveniently clipped to the tie or collar. The microphone can also be fixed under a jacket or shirt for easy concealment.

    JK MIC-J 004 is specifically designed for Apple devices, such as iPhone iPad Macbook iPod Touch...


    Compatible with Apple devices, such as iPhone iPad Macbook iPod Touch...

    The microphone's cord is 3.6-feet long and the entire unit weighs only 11 grams

    Professional vocal pickup, pristine audio quality, omnidirectional condenser microphone

    Designed for video producers, journalists, webcasters, broadcasters, singers, podcasters, lecturers and any other recording applications on Apple devices


    Polar pattem: Omnidirectional

    Mic diameter: 6.0*5.0mm

    Sensitivity: - 44db 2db

    Frequency Range: 20-20KHZ

    Output Impedance: <2200 ohms

    Standard Operation Voltage: 2.0V-10V.DC

    SNR: >63db

    Wire: 1.1m

    2pcs of foams

    Note: Plug into your iPhone iPad for recording, remember to unplug the microphone if you want to play the audios after recording through iPhone iPad's speakers !

    JK MIC-J 004 Omnidirectional - 44db 2db Pick up voices from all directions, create high quality audios with both the voices and background noises. Journalist, Video producers may choose MIC-J 004 for capturing actual sound.

    JK MIC-J 006 Unidirectional - 47db 2db Cardioid polar pattern, pick up voices from one direction, ambient noises are reduced a lot. Broadcasters, Podcasters who need to lower the background sound may choose MIC-J 006.

MIC-J 004
MIC-J 004

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