Geleeo Baby Stroller Cooling Gel Liner (grey)

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  • Geleeo is a unique cooling gel pad made just for kids, to help them avoid getting overheated in their strollers. A proprietary hydrogel keeps the pad at a few degrees lower than the temperature of its surrounding environment, without the need of refrigeration, fan, ice or other traditional techniques. The pad constantly stays cool and discharges body heat by itself, and can be repeatedly used for heat dissipation on a daily basis for years. Now kids, for the first time, can enjoy a low maintenance, high performance, and long lasting outdoor cooling product. In addition, our design offers comfort, ease, and style to suit today's lifestyle. Geleeo was developed with the goal of keeping children happy on the move. Parents, simply grab and go! Technology Inside - The hydrogel that's sealed inside the outer coat is certified safe to use, even in direct contact with skin. It consists of high percentage of water and cools the body with the same principle as water: lower the body temperature by quickly absorbing and releasing heat. Other components of the gel work together as agents to stabilize the liquid and to provide a consistent gel texture. This unique formula provides the solution for sensational cooling and soothing unlike any other. Geleeo provides the best outdoor cooling method with its cutting edge technology. Geleeo welcomes you to a brand new way of cooling! Product Safety - Geleeo has passed the US and European safety tests for children's product.

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