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Oopsy Daisy That Stick Circus Parade by Alison Jay Murals

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  • Art by Alison Jay
  • Easily placed and repositioned
  • Don't damage your walls or leave a residue
  • Artwork produced utilizing the giclee printing method to achieve optimum clarity and color saturation
  • The art we bring to you begins with a true artist who shapes and reworks each piece
  • Size: 72 by 54-Inch
Get in line for the circus parade to see these vintage styled animals do their neat tricks. Our kids deserve the biggest, best and brightest & now it's easy with Oopsy Daisy's Murals That Stick. These huge children's wall decals are super-sized versions of our top selling canvas wall art for kids and since they're printed with non-toxic inks, these durable fabric wall decals can easily withstand curious hands that tug, touch and peel. Cleaning is a snap (all you need is a soft, damp cloth) and with square fabric wall decals measuring 54"x54" and rectangular fabric wall decals measuring 72"x54", Murals That Stick will certainly inspire conversation and inspiration for your children.
Oopsy Daisy

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