Super Undies Unisex Potty Training Pants - Aqua - Size: Medium

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  • Size 1 : Waist 18-22", Legs 12-15", Rise 18", Typical Age 3-5 years, Typical Weight 28-38 lbs
  • The Bedwetting Pants are constructed with two separate soaker pads of microfiber inside them, which is enough to hold up to 450 mL of fluid, but beyond that the undies have an internal system to receive even more absorption.
  • Absorbancy Inner: Microfiber Terry Cloth
  • Super Undies are a cost effective tool to help manage the time you will be dealing with bed wetting.
These potty training pants are completely waterproof through the wet zone, but made with super stretchy side tabs for easy on and off action. This makes them very versatile and super easy to use! Their fun design and sleek style helps for a trim fit, while enticing your toddler to participate with the potty training program. These potty training pants have a two layers of micro-fiber built in, making them better than a trickle trainer, and a pocket that runs the entire front to back length. Use our Step-up Inserts to boost absorption as needed. Now MOM can take full control of her potty training plan, and the natural consequences of an accident as she is ready
Super Undies

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