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Noggle Extend Your Air Conditioning or Heat to Your Kids Instantly (8 Feet, Lt. Blast)

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  • The Noggle is a travel system designed to greatly improve your automotive air conditioning and heating system with instant relief. You will now have a dedicated comfort zone wherever the Noggle is placed. It has been engineered to cool or heat kids that are always uncomfortable in any car quickly. The system installs under 30 seconds with no tools needed and will work on any vehicle. The Noggle comes in 2 sizes a 6 foot, 8 foot. It also comes with 2 adapters, one for a circular vent, and one for a rectangular vent that can be used in the vertical or horizontal position, which are the most common of the connections. The decorative cover is also functional, with the loops on the end, it can attach to anywhere. The back of the headrest, the car seat, backseat handle, rear seat belt, booster seat or anywhere you can place our connective loop. Our patented quick disconnect system allows you to easily remove the Noggle from the dash when you are traveling alone or when the car is at the desired temperature. In Arizona where we tested the car seat with a laser temperature meter the car seat surface reached 180 degrees. Parents strap kids in with a 3 point harness and make sure its tight the only problem is their skin is so sensitive they start instantly overheating. Don't let your love ones over heat, and your car rides will be nice and comfortable with no more kids screaming.
The Noggle
8FT. Blast
8FT. Blast

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