• Join the Popples in Popplopolis! The new Netflix series where the Popple Pals are waiting to pop into your hearts. Popples don't just pop, now they can talk! Just squeeze Talking Plush Bubbles' belly and hear what she has to say! Bubbles has 11 unique phrases from the Popples TV show she can't wait share with you! Bubbles turns into a ball and says Let's Roll!" when you easily fold her into the pouch on her back. When you're ready, open her up and she'll make a POP" sound when she pops out! She'll giggle when she's happy and hum when she daydreams. Each Talking Plush Popple is pop'n with energy and unique phrases that helps make all of their adventures poptastic! Have a pop party when you collect Talking Plush Sunny and Lulu too! Talking Plush Popples love to play together and have poppable adventures! Bring home all the soft, poppable magic of Talking Plush Lulu! It's Poptastic!

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