Createx Colors Createx Illustration Bloodline - Type O Set - Size: 2 oz

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  • Lightfast, durable transparent colors suitable for airbrushing most any surface from automotive & hard surface to resin kits and models.
  • Colors atomize finely even below 10psi; thin as needed with 4012 High Performance Reducer. Colors soft erase after first 48 hours then cure to a hard coating. Reduce with 4020 Automotive Reducer for solvent-like spray performance & fast drying.
  • Bloodline is a special set of colors which are part of the Createx Illustration Colors line. Bloodline are special, tertiary hues hard to actually mix without "muddying". Bloodline are a must have addition to any airbrush artistic palette.
  • Createx Illustration Colors are premier airbrush paints which not only pull a fine line, but also spray in an even color pattern without stipulation (graininess) when faded between full color saturation and a tint.
  • Water-based. Non-toxic. Safe to spray indoors with adequate ventilation.
Createx Illustration Bloodline Type O- Set Includes 2oz. Illustration Dermitits Tan, Illustration Infectious Pink, Illustration Deep Bruise Purple, Illustration Expired Blue, Illustration Diseased Umber, High Performance Reducer.
Createx Colors

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