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Angry Birds Speedsters Chuck, Bomb, Leonard, Pig and Red -Pack of 5

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  • A game that revolutionized the entire gaming industry, Angry Birds beat every record, any gaming app ever made
  • A simple concept of a game where you just have to pull the string and hit the pigs with the birds whose eggs the pigs stole, made a blockbuster hit on the gaming charts
  • Angry Birds is all set to debut its first theatrical release in May 2016 with a brand new story line telling the origin of the Birds vs. Pigs conflict
  • 1 Angry Birds
  • Why fly when you can roll and spin just about anywhere with Angry Bird Speedsters?
  • Real working wheels take Angry Birds into the fast lane.
  • Collect all the Angry Bird Speedsters and hold races against your friends.
  • Angry Bird Speedsters are for kids ages 3+. No batteries required.
Get rolling with Angry Birds! Angry Birds can?t stay still ? they always have to be on the move. Now they can roll across the floors of your home with Angry Bird Speedsters. Get ready to race with Chuck, Bomb, Leonard, Pig and Red, the leader of the Angry Birds flock. Each round member of the Flock is equipped with real working wheels so they can zoom across your floor. Watch them speed down the hall or do crazy spins! Race against your friends and collect the rest of the Speedsters, including Terrance. Bring home the wild world of Angry Birds with Angry Bird Speedsters!
Angry Birds

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