Fisher-Price Imaginext Power Rangers Morphing Megazord

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Action Figure
Recommended Age Range
TV, Movies & Video Games
Boys & Girls
Character Family
Power Rangers
  • 4 activation Power Pads let kids control the action!
  • Turn Power Pad on left shoulder for awesome transformation: chest opens, eyes light up, and cannon pops out
  • Turn another Power Pad in chest to fire Power Coins
  • Turn 3rd Power Pad above left knee to raise projectile launcher and push button to fire!
  • Turn 4th Power Pad above right knee to activate chomping action
  • Back of playset features jail, meeting area, elevator and more - with multiple levels and platforms for added play
  • Figure fits in back of Megazord_s head
  • Includes Morphin Megazord, red and black Power Rangers figures, 6 Power Coins and 7 Power Missiles
4 ways to transform Megazord into the ultimate Power Rangers weapon! Unleash the fire power of the Imaginext Morphin Megazord on Power Rangers villains like the Putty Patrol! It all starts with exciting Morphin Action. Turn the Power Pad on Megazord_s left shoulder for an awesome transformation - his chest opens, his eyes light up and his chest _morphs" into a cannon. Under attack? Push a button on the cannon to fire Power Missiles. Turn a Power Pad in Megazord_s chest to launch Power Coins. Turn a Power Pad above his left knee to reveal a projectile launcher -and push the button to fire more Power Missiles! And turn the Power Pad above his right knee to morph Megazord_s foot into a chomping sabretooth! The adventure continues on back, with a jail cell, a place to meet with Zordon, an elevator - and lots of levels and platforms for figures to stand on. Kids can even place a figure in Megazord_s head! With so much to do, imagine the adventures your little fans will create (or recreate)
Fisher Price

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