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Fisher-Price Deep Blue Sea Stacker Wooden Toys

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Boys & Girls
  • Unique sea-inspired stacking toy is made with real beech wood
  • Includes 9 play pieces designed to look like a variety of sea creatures
  • The shapes of the sea creatures correspond to the shapes of the 3 different poles?circle, square, triangle
They say there are plenty of fish in the sea and they?re right! But there are also plenty of crabs, turtles, snails, and other critters that live beneath the waves. At Fisher-Price, we like to imagine these sea-dwellers do a lot of socializing parties, line dancing, barbecues, and, of course, games. (Okay, maybe not too many barbecues.) The Deep Blue Sea Stacker, from the Fisher-Price Wooden Toys collection, lets children take part in a variety of games featuring nine adorable play pieces designed to look like different underwater animals. With lights, sounds, and four modes of play, the Deep Blue Sea Stacker is more than a stacking toy; it?s an interactive playtime experience created to help foster physical and cognitive development. Each mode focuses on a different way to play by encouraging recognition of colors, shapes, and numbers through matching, stacking, and counting as children place the play pieces on the correct poles. To make sure children receive plenty of visual, auditor
Sea Stacker Wooden Toys
Sea Stacker Wooden Toys

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