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Abilitations Integrations CoreDisk Large Cushion - 15 inch Filled with 1/2 inch Balls

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  • Abilitations inflatable purple cushion helps improve balance, flexibility, circulation, and focus. Air can be added or released from the cushion with a standard athletic pump to produce varying levels of stability--deflate for more stability and sensory input from the cushion s filling; inflate for less stability (pump sold separately). The cushion is versatile for standing or sitting on, or using on a chair, and has a vinyl exterior with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic half-inch ball filling for durability. Vinyl resists oil, has low moisture absorption, and is non-conductive. PVC plastic is corrosion resistant, lightweight, and has high strength, resisting reactions with acids, gasoline, alcohol, and hydrocarbons. The cushion, which measures 15.0 /38.0cm in diameter, can be used in pilates or yoga sessions, and may be suitable for individuals on the autism spectrum and for special needs, early childhood, and elementary learning environments.

    Special needs products are designed to help improve sensory processing, positioning and mobility, fine motor, and language and communication skills for students with learning challenges. Positioning and mobility products can help individuals improve gross motor, balance, active seating, and postural control skills, and strengthen core muscles.

    School Specialty provides instructional materials and supplies under dozens of brands, among them Abilitations, Think Math, Delta Education, Frey Scientific, Childcraft, School Smart, and Speech Bin. The company, founded in 1959, is headquartered in Greenville, WI.


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