Balance Living Microscope Set (120X - 1200X) + Storage Case

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  • Introducing a microscope to a child is to open them up to a whole new world full of exciting discoveries where fun meets Science. Budding ""biochemists"" can satisfy their inquiring minds with the Balance Living Microscope Set (1200X) + Storage Case: a unique tool to instill the love of science early on.

    This kit contains:

    1 Microscope 120X -1200X : Full metal body with a few fortified plastic parts. 3-power objectives 15X, 30X and 60X

    50+ science accessories: 2 AA battery, shrimp hatchery, micro-slicer, 5 prepared glass slides+7 blank glass slides, 7 cover glasses, 7 slide labels, 7 statical slide covers, petri dish, replacement light bulb, scalpel, needle, stirring rod, graduated vials, 2 collecting vials, tweezers, gum media container, sea salt, eosin dye, Brine shrimp egg.
    1 Carry case: with a secure space to cleanly put away each component. Perfect to keep the microscope and accessories in order, protected from dust and scratches too!

    Easy to set up, hours of fun experiments for future scientists:

    Once out of its case, the microscope is almost ready to operate after an easy assembling thanks to the clear instruction booklet provided.
    Be sure to handle each piece with great care to enjoy a long-lasting use from grade school to middle school.
    Although Balance Living Microscope Kit comes with a great variety of samples to get started quickly, it can be used with a list of other things (hair strand, skin, onion slice, garden seeds, beans, flowers, corn) which helps children understand the compositions of different microorganisms.

    This is an excellent gift idea for all occasions!

Balance Living

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