Double Sided Animal Bus & 1-Man-Band Playable Touch Sensitive Music Mat with 20 Sounds & 6 Songs by Dimple

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  • An amazing Playmat with a myriad of options!
    When you tap each of the animals or any of the musician s instruments, they each make the respective sound. From the boom of the drum to the bark of the dog, your child will love playing with this mat!
    Hours of Recreation for the Whole Family
    Buy it for your young child and you and your older children will want to use it too because of how fun and versatile it is! With the wide range of instruments, and animal noises, the sky s the limit and you are guaranteed hours of musical fun!
    Make it the focal point of the bedroom or classroom and let it be a fun space for imagination, musical ability and creative play to flourish! It will be a while before you or your child get bored of this toy!
    Musical Education
    Let your child express him or herself with original music or dance and sing along with the pre recorded songs! Music helps in a myriad of ways throughout life.
    From an early age music help with child development, brain power, memory, confidence, patience, socially and fosters creativity! Throughout life, music is wonderful to express, create, dance, sing, and let out your inner voice! This Playmat is the perfect accompaniment for that!
    Perfect for the classroom, trips or family room!
    Tons of Buttons
    20 different touch sensitive buttons make different noises!
    Press the Demo button to hear pre-recorded songs!
    Control the volume with the Volume + and Volume - buttons
    For best button results use mat on a flat surface

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