EasyGoWagon Folding Collapsible Utility Wagon Fits in Trunk of Standard Car, Red

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  • EasyGoWagon - The most portable design on the market and it folds to 1/8th of its original size for storage. Unlike common wagons this can be stored easily on a hook in your garage. Lightweight at only 31 pounds our wagon is 10 pounds lighter than the competition. Our wagon has the largest wheel base making it safer and prevents the wagon from tipping. Our design is strong and is proven and tested in the marketplace. Shade cover protects your items (removable for when not needed). Folding design makes transportation and storing easy. Large wheels so it can go almost anywhere. Longer wheelbase than other wagons for increased stability. No more hassles with your wagon. With the new patented folding design this large wagon becomes small enough to fit in the trunk of any standard car. No SUV needed. Great for days at the park, swap meet, gardening, picnics, parks and many more. People are amazed at the unique design of this wagon and will be asking you where you got it. EasyGoWagon has worked hard to make this the best possible product. Comes with heavy duty wheels, large handle for easy hauling and sun shade for the kids on those hot days. Unlike other steel and plastic wagons this wagon is easily transportable and stores easily in your garage or closet. You will love this wagon.

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