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Molecular Models Series F Orbital General Atomic Expansion Kit - 162 Pack

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  • The f-orbitals (General) set allows expansion of our introductory kits or stands alone and will help students to better understand the shape and energy of the f-orbital subshell
  • With the quantum numbers tutorial and the s, p, and d orbital models (included in varying degrees in our baseline kits) the student will be able to solidify the concepts of quantum numbers n, l, ml, and ms
  • These models will also allow the instructor to demonstrate how many electrons are in each orbital and how many electrons are in each subshell as a whole
  • For Grade 2 to 12
Students will be able to visualize the concept of planar nodes and gain hands on understanding of the differences in shape and orientation between the seven orbitals (4fz3, 4fxz2, 4fyz2, 4fz(x2 - y2), 4fxyz, 4fy(3x2 - y2), 4fx(x2 -3y2)) within the f subshell in the general environment
Molecular Models
Atomic Expansion Kit

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