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Wonki Wands Giant Bubble Toy - Big Soap Bubble Outdoor Fun

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  • Enjoy hours of fun with friends and family with the largest soap bubbles you've ever seen.
  • Perfect for picnics, birthday parties and family reunions. Kids of any age will love making humongous bubbles.
  • Wonki Wands Giant Bubble Sauce is ready to use out of the bottle -- No messy mixes or extra ingredients you have to buy, no waiting 24 hours for the mix to work right.
  • Wonki Wands work best in humid conditions with a light breeze. Cool weather helps too, but wind does not. Try making bubbles right after a rain storm and you'll be amazed.
Wonki Wands let you create the biggest and wackiest bubbles in the world, up to 4 feet wide and 40 feet long. Just dip the Wonki Wands in the special bubble solution and create hundreds of giant bubbles. When should you play with Wonki Wands. Whenever you want to get the kids outside and away from the electronics. Wonki Wands big bubble pro wands are perfect for birthday parties, slumber parties, family reunions or anytime you just want to have big giant bubble fun. Wonki Wands work great in cool, humid weather. For really huge, long-lasting bubbles, try it right after some rain.
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Giant Bubble Toy
Giant Bubble Toy

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